Toy Library

The Toy Library aims to

  • Provide the children of the Wingecarribee Shire access to a variety of toys, puzzles, games and equipment
  • Increase knowledge and confidence in positive interaction between parents/ carers and their children
  • Raise awareness of the importance of play and child development in parents/carers
  • Provide access and information to other services in the Wingecarribee
  • Enhance learning and development of children 0–6 years and their carers/parents
  • Improve knowledge of parenting skills, health and child development
  • Link families to information/workshops on play and child development to enhance parenting skills and positive interaction between child and parent/carer
  • Help promote Community Spirit, through the interaction of children, their parents, caregivers and the wider community
Choose from over 300 toys suitable for children aged 0–6 years

The Library consists of over 300 toys, books, musical instruments and educational resources for children aged from 0–6 years.


Toy Library Membership is open to Service Providers in the Wingecarribee Shire who provide Children’s Services (Church Groups, Family Day Care, Playgroups, and Childcare Centres etc.)

Children’s services are able to rotate toys provided to children attending their services, enabling them to reduce unnecessary expenditure and also “try before they buy”. Local community groups are able to access toys and resources—overcoming a common difficulty in playgroups relating to a lack of funds to provide toys.

  • Open to organizations within Wingecarribee who serve children and families
  • Entitles organizations to borrow toys for a month
  • Membership fee: $100 per annum plus a refundable deposit

Contact Francine for more information.