Men’s Group

The Men’s Group provides an environment in which men feel comfortable discussing the triumphs and difficulties of family dynamics and relationships.

The Men’s Group offers:

  • Support and resources to assist men in fostering fulfilling and respectful relationships
  • Support for fathers who have experienced family separation
  • A supportive environment for men troubled by their anger or abusive behaviour.

The level of involvement blokes have in their families has changed a lot over the past few decades. More men are taking on a caring role with their children and realising the need to spend more time at home. Men are also deeply affected by family breakdown (research indicates 70% of separations are instigated by women).

Recent census statistics reveal that nearly 1 in 6 Australian families are being raised by a stay at home dad. Further statistics show that other men are reducing their hours of employment for the sole purpose of having greater involvement in the upbringing of their children. The Australian National University found that a third of separated fathers had more than 50% care of their children.

The Men’s Group is an opportumity for men of all ages and backgrounds to come together and are be able to discuss the issues that are meaningful to them. Confidentiality and safety is respected by all members.

Wingecarribee Family Support aims to arrest suffering and distress within families in particular, and the community in general, while fostering and maintaining the wellbeing of men and families. This occurs through provision of group-based programs and activities on a variety of themes as determined by the requests and interests of men in the community, for example, the Men’s Group, and the “Me(n) and my Family—The art of being a good dad” workshop.

For more information contact Harry on 0408 402946.