Our Team

Casework Team

How we work

The Casework Team’s model of operation is one of prevention and early intervention, working with entire families to connect family members to the community. This is achieved through referral to individual services (groups for children and young people, parent/carer information and education etc.) and other health, youth and community services (financial and legal assistance, housing and mental health services).


The team is supported by an Internal Intake and Referral Process that incorporates a holistic approach to family/individual needs on initial contact and assessment. The family/individual is then referred to internal or external programs or services based on need.

Community Development Team

What we do

  • Provide information and referral for a diverse range of community members
  • Build the capacity of community members through groups, activities and skills development
  • Provide projects and events that connect community members to their local communities.


Community Development is supported by our Information and Resource Library, built up over 20 years of service provision, expertise and local knowledge.

Management Board

  • Thomas Goodman (Chairperson)
  • Norm Stanton (Treasurer)
  • Dianne Rossteuscher (Secretary)
  • David Shapiro Del Sol
  • Norm Stanton
  • John George